Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 General rules of anaerobic treatment
2 Advantages and disadvantages of anaerobic processes
3 Kinetic of anaerobic treatment
4 Microbiology and biochemistry of anaerobic treatment
5 Anaerobic treatment stages: Hydrolysis, Organic acid production, Methane production.
6 Energy utilize pathways of anaerobic microorganisms
7 Operational parameters of anaerobic treatment
8 Biogas production and gas contents
9 Classification of anaerobic reactors: Upflow sludge blanket reactor, Sequencing batch reactor
10 Anaerobic filter, Anaerobic membrane bioreactor
11 Fluized-bed anaerobic reactor, Anaerobic lagoon
12 Anaerobic digesters: Standard-speed, High-speed, Two-stage digesters
13 Industrial wastewater applications of anaerobic treatment
14 Domestic wastewater applications of anaerobic treatment

Textbook Special notes
Additional Resources Anaerobic Biotechnology and Applications for Waste Treatment,Ozturk, İ. (2000). Water Foundation Press, İstanbul.