Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 Revision of Tenses(Present Simple,Present Continuous) Course Book,page:12-15
2 Revision of Tenses (Past Simple,Future Tenses) Course Book,page:12-15
3 Modal verbs(can,could,may,might,be able to)Would like Course Book,page:16-19
4 Articles(a,an,the) Relative Pronouns(who,which,that,whose) Course Book,page:20-25
5 Present Perfect Simple(positive), Prepositions of place and transport Course Book,page:24-27
6 Revision of the units Course Book,page:28-29
7 Present Perfect Simple(negative/ questions) Course Book,page:32-35
8 For/Since, How long, Prepositions of Time Course Book,page:36-39
9 Indefinite Pronouns Course Book,page:40-43
10 Reported Speech(say,tell) Course Book,page:44-47
11 Revision of the units Course Book,page:48-49
12 Past Continuous(positive) Course Book,page:52-55
13 Past Continuous(negative,questions) Course Book,page:52-55
14 Linking words(both/either/neither) Course Book,page:56-59

Textbook Kane Addie,Without Borders 2,Hillside Press
Additional Resources Murphy Raymond,English Grammar in Use,Cambridge University Press