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Week Topics Study Materials
1 Clays and Clay Minerals input.very fine-grained components classifica None
2 And significant structural changes in the tion of clay minerals. None
3 And bentonite clays of the smectite group. None
4 The origin of hydrothermal alteration and clay. None
5 Structural bonding, origins, formation and general comments about the use of clay minerals. None
6 X-ray diffraction theory and applications. None
7 Stoke law and sample preparation techniques. None
8 A typical X-ray diffraction evaluation of clay samples. None
9 Mid-term exam
10 Despite dioctahedral. Trioctahedral, multiple types of mixed-layer structures. None
11 Kaolinite, Halloysite, Vermiculite and serpentine minerals, chemistry, structure and characteristics of diffraction. None
12 Sinektit groups of mica and illite. None
13 Chlorite and vermiculite groups. None
14 Lacustrine depositional environments and sepiolite-polygorskite groups. None

Textbook Yeniyol, M., 2006, 'Kil Minerolojisi', İÜ Müh. Fak. Jeoloji Müh. Bölümü, İstanbul.
Additional Resources Newman, D.C.C(1996) Chemistry of Clays and Clay Minerals. Mineralogical Society of London, 479 pp.