Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 The concept of scale in the field. Physical features to determine location on the map Not required
2 Geological mapping according to field scales and their details Not required
3 geological structures and measurement of their positions Not required
4 Faults, folds and linear structures, field monitoring of fractures and mapping of the location and size of them. Not required
5 The geometric concepts related to layered rocks not required
6 Geometrical concepts such as igneous and metamorphic rocks Not required
7 Methods for determining the place with the help of geological compass not required
8 Determine the slope of the land and the layer thickness of the sheet with the help of geologist Not required
9 Midterm examination Required
10 Topographic mapping and measurements in the field by using geological compass Not required
11 GPS use and determination of location coordinates in UTM, Not required
12 Layered and massive structures in the field and the contact relationships not required
13 Tectonic mapping Not required
14 Drawn map of the land mines Not required

Additional Resources Jeolojik haritalar (Y. TATAR) Çağlayan basımevi, İstanbul, 1975 Temel jeolojik harita bilgisi ve uygulamaları (E. KARAMAN) Şafak matbaa, Ankara, 1987.