Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 The concept of input and prospecting. None
2 Structural geology and mineralization relationships None
3 Mineralogical guidelines and controls, and the Controller Palaeogeographic fiziiografik Guide and Manual and Guide KontrollarStratigrafik lithological controls prospection alluvium. None
4 Variability and Orna reception None
5 Ore deposit limit and the domain None
6 Prospecting networks and search systems. None
7 Reserve Reserve Classification and Various Methods of Calculation. None
8 Mid-term exam
9 Continue to reserve accounts None
10 Practice None
11 Practice None
12 Practice None
13 Practice None
14 Practice None

Textbook Buzkan, İ, 1983, "Maden Yataklarının Değerlendirilmesi", Basılmamış Ders Notları, Zonguldak.
Additional Resources Ayhan, A. 1991, "Maden Jeolojisi" Ceylam Ofset, Konya