Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 Introduction and definitions None
2 Moving the principles None
3 Moving the principles None
4 Diagenesis and the formation mechanism of the definition None
5 Sedimentary rock types None
6 sandstones None
7 Chemical sedimentary rocks None
8 Sedimentary rocks of organic origin None
9 Mid-term exam
10 sedimentary structures None
11 Formation of sedimentary rocks environments None
12 Environment and facies transition None
13 sedimentary basins None
14 oceanic basins None

Textbook Yüksel, S., 1990,'Sedimantoloji' KTÜ Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi, Trabzon.
Additional Resources Mc Lane, M.; 1995, Sedimentology, Oxford university pres, Oxford, 423 p.