Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 Definition of sustainable development Students read pages 11-22 from the textbook
2 Theories on environmental technological progress Students read pages 63-75 from the textbook
3 Projecting cost of emissions reductions - Best available technologies Students read pages 23-45 from the textbook
4 Theories on the cost functions of emissions reductions Students read pages 47-61 from the textbook
5 Productivity and environmental demands
6 Effect increasing and cost reducing technological progresses
7 Factors that contribute to technological progress Students select their project subject and start library search
8 Case studies: examples from treatment technologies Students prepare their reports and presentations
9 case study: examples from green energy technology Students prepare their reports and presentations
10 Students presentation and project submission
11 Social demands and environmental management Students read pages 77-89 from the textbook
12 Life cycle valuation Students read pages 89-101 from the textbook
13 Model for environmental strategies
14 Environmental policy for innovation Students read pages 103-118 from the textbook

Textbook Y. Krozer, "Innovations and Environment1", Springer- Verbag London Limited, London, 2008
Additional Resources M.Weber, J. Hemmelskamp, "Towards Environmental Innovations Systems", Springer- Heidelberg, 2005