Course Information
Course Title Code Semester T + P ECTS
Current Religious Issues DAO411 7 2 + 0 2


Language Turkish
Level Bachelor's Degree
Type Elective
Coordinator Assist.Prof. Recep ÇETİNTAŞ
Goals Get knowledge about the actual religious subjects and discussions
Contents In this course it will be studied the actual religious subjects and their effects on individual and society
Work Placement(s) Absent

Number Learning Outcomes
1 Gets knowledge about the actual religious subjects
2 Comprehends the importance of contemporary religious subjects on individual and society
3 Recognizes the opinions about the contempary religious subjects
4 Distinguishes the parties about contempary religious subjects
5 Get knowledge about the literature on the contempary religious subjects
6 Detects the effects of contempary religious subjects on the society

Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face
Planned Learning Activities & Teaching Methods Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Problem Solving
Assessment Methods Exam, Homework

Course Content
Week Topics Study Materials
1 A general survey on the contempary religious subjects
2 The denominations in Islam
3 The Supersititions I
4 The Supersititions II
5 Actual discussions about the religious exercises
6 Permissible and unlawful in our daily life
7 Islam and Family I
8 Islam and Family II
9 Social Change and religious life I
10 Social Change and religious life II
11 Islam and Modernity I
12 Islam and Modernity II
13 Islam and Other Religions
14 Youth and Religion

Textbook DİA ilgili maddeler, İSAV tartışmalı dini toplantılar serisi.
Additional Resources 1. Hayreddin Karaman, İslamın Işığında Günün Meseleleri, 2..Faruk Beşer, Fetvalarla Çağdaş Hayat, 3. Faruk Beşer, Güncel Meseleler - Dinî Çözümler, 4. Nihat Dalgın, Gündemdeki Tartışmalı Dinî Konular 5.Hayreddin Karaman, Günlük Hayatımızdaki Helallar ve Haramlar.

Assessment System Quantity Percentage
In-Term Studies
Mid-terms 1 100
In-Term Total 1 100
Contribution of In-Term Studies to Overall 40
Contribution of Final Exam to Overall 60
Total 100

Course's Contribution to PLO
No Key Learning Outcomes Level
1 2 3 4 5
1 The sufficient knowledge about the field. x
2 The sufficient education knowledge of the field. x
3 Can define concepts, theories and teaching methods and practice in the field. x
4 Have information about features of students’ development and their learning. x
5 Taking into account developmental characteristic of student and individual differences provides suitable learning environment. x
6 Taking in to account the characteristics ant the achievements (purposes) of the subject appropriate teaching strategies methods and techniques apply. x
7 Takes tasks in individual and group works and fulfill them effectively. x
8 Takes responsibilities in solving problem and tries to produce solutions. x
9 Can makes self-assessment. x
10 Participates in social and cultural activities. x
11 Can makes within the discipline and interdisciplinary team study in educational applications. x
12 Follow changes in curricula and new resource and related materials. x
13 Aware of the national culture and universal values and give them importance. x
14 Have sufficient information about structure, development and history of Turkish Educational System. x
15 Knows and uses values and principles that Turkish National Educational System based on and field’s purpose, principles and techniques. x
16 Examines concepts related to the field with scientific methods. x
17 Has information of teaching programs, teaching methods and techniques and measurement and evaluation. x

Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load (h)
Course Duration 14 2 28
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14 2 28
Assignments 2 3 6
Mid-terms 1 5 5
Final examination 1 5 5
Total Work Load (h) 72
Total Work Load / 30 (h) 2.4
ECTS Credit of the Course 2