No Program Öğrenme Çıktıları Katkı Düzeyi
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1 Possessing, on the basis of competency in the field, advanced level theoretical and practical knowledge of the field supported by textbooks with updated information, practice equipments, research methods and techniques applied to field studies and other resources.
2 Using of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge within the field.
3 Using and interpreting acquired advanced knowledge and skills within the field of human sciences in areas of education, research and community service.
4 Taking responsibility both as a team member and individually in order to solve unexpected complex problems faced within the implementations in the field.
5 Planning and managing activities towards the development of subordinates
6 Planning personal and institutional development using knowledge and skills in the field
7 Evaluating the knowledge and skills acquired at an advanced level in the field with a critical approach.
8 Determining learning needs of subordinates and direct the learning.
9 Developing positive attitude towards lifelong learning.
10 Informing people and institutions on issues in the field, transferring ideas and solution proposals to problems theoretically and practically
11 Sharing the ideas and solution proposals to problems on issues in the field with professionals and non-professionals by the supporting of qualitative and quantitative data via various communication instruments.
12 Joining various social, cultural and artistic events in the field of Human Sciences.
13 Monitoring the developments in the field and share information with peers by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio B1 General Level.
14 Using programs required in the field ; informatics and communication technologies in advanced level
15 Collecting, interpreting, applying field-related data and share it with related person, organizations and institutions
16 Oversee ethical values in the process of the implementation of information.
17 Supporting the universality of social and cultural rights in the field ; possessing sufficient consciousness of social justice and protecting the historical and cultural heritage
18 Carrying out interdisciplinary studies in the field.
19 Acting in accordance with the framework of the quality processes.