Course Information
Course Title Code Semester T + P ECTS
(Waiting for Translation) Mesleki Y. Dil JDF901 2 2 + 0 5

Prerequisites Absent

Language Turkish
Level Bachelor's Degree
Type Nondepartmental Elective
Coordinator Assist.Prof. AYCAN MURAT MARANGOZ
Instructors Assist.Prof. AYCAN MURAT MARANGOZ
Goals Identification and mapping of human beings since it became the earth has always been a subject of curiosity. Countries, people from the past war and peace, military and civilian applications, has been an important tool and a resource map to help me. For this reason, the history of cartography teaching of scientific studies on the implications of this course is to introduce and present the basic purpose of their poses.
Contents Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the modern era cartography. Wars of the historical significance of the map, cartography faaliyeteri civilian purposes, mapping activities for exploration. Scientific achievements of humanity, cartography, mapping scientists, and his work important.
Work Placement(s) Absent

Number Learning Outcomes
1 Past and present uses of cartography grasp awareness of how the map is a support tool, until the recent past, and what brings us to today, and bring to detect the map.

Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face
Planned Learning Activities & Teaching Methods Course, the controversial course assignments, seminars
Assessment Methods assignments, seminars, final examination