Course Information
Course Title Code Semester T + P ECTS
Fuel Cells CEV346 6 3 + 0 6


Language Turkish
Level Bachelor's Degree
Type Elective
Coordinator Prof. YILMAZ YILDIRIM
Instructors Prof. YILMAZ YILDIRIM
Goals Aim of this lecture to learn about types of fuel cell, technologies and their useage.
Contents Basics of fuel cell, PEM fuel cells, Alkaline fuel cells, Molten caronate fuel cells, Phospheric acid fuel cells, YSolid oxide fuel cells, Electrochemistry of fuel cells and fuel production for fuel cells.
Work Placement(s) Absent

Number Learning Outcomes
1 To get knowledge about fuel cell and their technologies.
2 To get knowledge about type of fuel cell and their properties.
3 To learn how PEM fuel cell works.
4 To learn how Alkaline fuel cell works.
5 To learn Molten carbonate fuel cell works.
6 To learn how Phosphoric acid fuel cell works.
7 To learn how methanol fueled fuel cell works.
8 To learn how Solid oxide fuel cell works.
9 To get knowledge about thermodynamics and electrochemistry of fuel cells.

Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face
Planned Learning Activities & Teaching Methods Face to face lecture, assignment, presentation
Assessment Methods Mid-term exam (11. Week), assignment, presentation and final exam