Course Information
Course Title Code Semester T + P ECTS
(Waiting for Translation) Sosyal Sorumluluk Projesi SSP900 3 1 + 2 3

Prerequisites None

Language Turkish
Level Bachelor's Degree
Type Elective
Coordinator Prelector A.SİBEL BUZKAN
Instructors Prelector A.SİBEL BUZKAN
Goals Students, human rights, social issues, and sensitive to the social environment, they are liable to contribute to the individuals.
Contents Obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out social responsibility projects, obtaining work in different social circles.
Work Placement(s) Absent

Number Learning Outcomes
1 Sensitive to social issues and the social environment, they are liable to contribute to the individuals;
2 University students to take an active role as citizens, to contribute;
3 Work with different social circles.
4 Develop and apply sustainable social responsibility projects.
5 Young people will become familiar with the different socio-economic backgrounds.

Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face
Planned Learning Activities & Teaching Methods Make a presentation
Assessment Methods During the period: Total sınıfdaki grouping students according to available. Search for presentations and group work assessment by exam