Course Information
Course Title Code Semester T + P ECTS
Anonymous Folk Literature TDE330 6 3 + 0 4

Prerequisites Absent

Language Turkish
Level Bachelor's Degree
Type Elective
Coordinator Assist.Prof. BETÜL MUTLU
Instructors Assist.Prof. Berna AYAZ
Goals This course exemines the verbal folk literature like folk poetry, riddle, joke, proverbs, folk songs, folk tales and epics.
Contents This course aims to provide information about the anonymous folk literature, surveys concerning anonymous species and to obtain information about the methods used in this research. Students are learn research methods used in this anonymous species and about related research..
Work Placement(s) Absent

Number Learning Outcomes

Mode of Delivery Face-to-Face
Planned Learning Activities & Teaching Methods 1: Narration , 2: Question and answer
Assessment Methods Examination