What is ECTS and NQF-HETR Guide? 

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a student oriented credit system based on the workload of the student. It is a value representing all the studies (theoretical courses, applications, seminars, independent studies, examinations, assignments, etc.) that a student needs to complete in order to be successful in a course.

ECTS is one of the most important fields of study in the application phase of Bologna Process in Turkey. In recent years, many universities in Turkey have intensified their studies in adjusting their credit and grading systems to principles of ECTS.

National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey (NQF-HETR) stands for the “development of national qualifications in higher education” which the member counties of the Bologna Process committed to establish until 2010 in order to enhance clarity, accreditation and mobility in higher education in line with the aims of Lisbon Strategy published by the EU in 2000 and the aims of the Bologna Process to which our country became a member in 2010.

The National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education is a system recognized by national and international peers in which associated qualifications are structured systematically. By means of this system, all qualifications and learning outcomes can be defined and associated with each other in a consistent way.

Bülent Ecevit University has prepared the ECTS and NQF-HETR Guide in order to provide detailed information about the academic programs of BEU formed in line with the Bologna Process and the education policy and aims of BEU. In the ECTS and NQF-HETR Guide, the ECTS credits of courses, student workloads, evaluation processes and all components related with these are explained step by step.

The ECTS and NQF-HETR Guide is an information package which combines the national qualifications determined by The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and applications of the Bologna Process.

The beneficiaries of this information package can not only access information about academic programs, but also practical information about student life in Zonguldak at Bulent Ecevit University.