For each of the courses the student has taken, one of the letter marks below are assigned by academic staff as the end of term mark. The coefficients and 100-point equivalents of letter marks are provided below:

The degree of success, mark, coefficient and point equivalents are:

OutstandingAA4.00 94 – 100
ExcellentBA3.5087 – 93
Very goodBB3.0080 – 86
CommendableCB2.5073 – 79
GoodCC2.0065 – 72
CompetentDC1.5058 – 64
SatisfactoryDD1.0050 – 57
Marginal FailFD0.5045 – 49
Weak FailFF0.000 – 44
Non-Attendance to examGR0.00

(2) According to the chart;
  1. Students who have taken one of the grades AA, BA, BB, CB and CC pass the course.
  2. The grades DC and DD indicate that the course has been passed conditionally.
  3. Students who have taken one of the grades DZ, GR, FD, FF and YZ fail the course and they have to repeat it in the first semester the course is offered.
  4. Students who do not attend courses regularly during the term get the DZ grade. These students cannot take the final examination.
  5. Students who do not take the final examination although they must get the grade GR regardless of their studies within the term.
  6. Grades DZ and GR are treated as FF and included in the cumulative GPA.
  7. The grade YT is assigned as the pass mark for non-credit courses.
  8. The grade YZ is assigned as the fail mark for non-credit courses.
  9. The grade MU is assigned as the pass mark for courses which have an exemption exam.
  10. The grade MZ is assigned to students with valid excuses approved by the University Board not to attend final examinations.