Student and Teaching Staff Exchange Programs

Coordinate of Student and Teaching Staff, coordinates the implementation of Farabi (Domestic), Erasmus+ (EU Countries), Mevlana (Countries except EU) which aim the exchange of students and teaching staff with financial support.

Farabi Exchange Program

Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable the exchange of students / faculty for one or two term to continue their education and teaching activities in another higher education institution with agreement apart from theirs. Farabi Exchange Program is on voluntary basis.

University and advanced technology institute students studying at associate, bachelor, masters and PhD programs and faculty can benefit from the Farabi Exchange Program.

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Mevlana Exchange Program

Mevlana Exchange Program aims to carry out student and teaching staff exchange between national higher education institutions and higher education institutions abroad.

Its main difference from other exchange programs is that it includes higher education institutions from all over the world without any separation of specific geographical location.

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Erasmus+ Program

Grant supports offered in the field of higher education in context of Lifelong Learning Program conducted by the European Commission between 2007-2013 and which ended in 2014 continue under the title of Erasmus+ between 2014-2020.

In context of Erasmus+ program, students can continue their education for one/two terms in EU countries and they are provided with opportunities to advance in their professions with in-service training for 3-12 months. The doubling number of students who benefit from Erasmus+ program indicates that our students are willing to take part in the international platform.

A higher education mobility project includes one or more of the activities of learning, in-service training, lecturing and benefiting from educational services.

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