Students at Bülent Ecevit University have internship in order to improve their theoretical knowledge and skills. 

Before the internship period begins, students must obtain the “Internship Acceptance Form” signed by the institution where the internship will take place. After that, they must submit their places of internship to the Internship Commission until the end of June and have the procedure approved. The Internship Acceptance Form must be handed to the related unit at least 2 weeks before the internship period begins.  

Duration and Quality
The minimum duration of internship for students at Bachelor level and students of Vocational Schools are stated in regulations set by the University Board. 
Students have to complete their internship period in institutions determined by the Internship Council. 
If the student exceeds the limit of absence indicated in the regulations, and if this is reported by the institution, the internship of the student won’t be accepted.
Students can involve internship programs abroad on condition that it will not hinder their education process. Foreign internship documents are accepted by the Internship Commission.

All students must prepare their internship documents before the application deadline. Internship reports and contents must be prepared in English adhering to the internship requirements of the department / program. If demanded, a summary in Turkish must also be provided. The internship report in English must be handed to the Internship Commission within the duration indicated by the related regulations.

During the internship evaluation process, Bulent Ecevit University Internship Directions are taken into account. The related commission and academic staff examine the internship documents until the beginning of the fall term. If necessary, the commission may ask the student to show his internship experience, type a report or demand an interview with the student. The internship is evaluated over 100 points and the result is submitted to the related academic unit and student affairs office. Students who fail must repeat the internship process.