Bulent Ecevit University (BEU) acknowledges the fact that along with offering instruction at national level, conducting scientific research and serving science, technology and cultural values to the service of mankind as an innovative university, it is also necessary to be in individual, institutional, social and global interaction and harmony in order to advance in the international platform. In this respect, BEU considers “internationalization” as an indispensable step to integrate an international and inter-culture dimension to activities of instruction, research and community service.

BEU External Relations Head Office conducts their studies with aims of establishing international partnerships, enabling the academic, administrative staff and students to follow the requirements of the age, promoting their proficiency, experience and capabilities in knowledge and inter-cultural affairs at international level, establishing an international campus life in order to attain internationalization.

BEU’s long-term objectives about internationalization and steps to be followed to attain these objectives are as follows:

  • To promote accreditation and validity of programs offered by BEU,
  • To increase international participation to the courses and programs offered by BEU,
  • To develop student and teaching staff exchange and number of bilateral agreements between BEÜ and leading and respected universities at international level,
  • To facilitate international academic and professional activities,
  • To promote the level of inter-cultural awareness.
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Address: Bülent Ecevit University
External Relations Head Office
Farabi Campus, 67100
Incivez- Zonguldak / TURKEY

E-mail :                 
Phone : +90 372 291 1876
Fax    :  +90 372 291 0705