Campus: Belirtilmemiş
(Waiting for translation) Sosyal Sorumluluk Projesi Language ECTS
SSP900 - (Waiting for Translation) Sosyal Sorumluluk Projesi Turkish 3
Department of Public Finance Language ECTS
MLY901 - Public Finance Turkish
Department of Chemistry Language ECTS
KIM901 - Environment and Chemistry Turkish 3
KIM902 - Chemistry of Nutrition Turkish 3
KIM903 - Chemistry of Mood and Emotions Turkish 3
KIM904 - The Code of the Life:DNA Turkish 3
Educational Sciences Language ECTS
PDR322 - Individual Differences Turkish 3
Department of Medicine Language ECTS
TSEC03 - Preparation Techniques Turkish 1
TSEC61 - Methodology Turkish 3
Department of Painting Language ECTS
GSF901 - Painting Turkish 3
GSF902 - Sculpture Turkish 3
GSF904 - Print Making Turkish 3
Teaching of Physical Education and Sports Language ECTS
BES916 - Folk Dances Turkish

Campus: Merkez
Department of Labour Economics And Industrial Relations Language ECTS
CLS901 - Industrial Relations in Working Life Turkish 3
CLS903 - Contemporary Issues in Business Life Turkish 3
Department of Economics Language ECTS
IKT903 - Economic Developments in Turkey Turkish 5
IKT902 - Economic Integration and EU Turkish 5
IKT904 - Turkish Economic History Turkish 3
IKT901 - Principles of Economics Turkish 5
Department of Business Language ECTS
ISL901 - Introduction to Business Turkish 3
ISL902 - Introduction to Finance Turkish 4
ISL903 - Money and Capital Markets Instruments Turkish 3
ISL904 - Marketing Turkish 4
ISL905 - Entrepreneurship Turkish 3
Department of Public Finance Language ECTS
MLY903 - HATA Turkish
MLY902 - HATA Turkish
MLY901 - Public Finance Turkish
SSP900 - (Waiting for Translation) Sosyal Sorumluluk Projesi Turkish
Department of International Trade And Business Department Language ECTS
UTI901 - International Finance Turkish 3
UTI902 - Foreign Trade Turkish 3
UTI903 - Foreign Trade Legislation Turkish 3
Department of Biology Language ECTS
BIO906 - Enviromental Awareness Turkish 3
BIO901 - Organizational Culture and Leadership in Science and Engineering Turkish 3
BIO902 - Physiological Stress in Student Turkish 3
BIO903 - Natural Plant Products Turkish 3
BIO904 - Heart and Vascular Health Turkish 3
BIO905 - Evolution Teory Turkish 3
Department of Physics Language ECTS
FIZ901 - Modern Physics Turkish 3
FIZ341 - Environmental Radioactivity Turkish 3
FIZ342 - Nuclear Energy and Politics Turkish 3
FIZ902 - The Mysterious World of Particles Turkish 3
FIZ905 - Underwater Physics Turkish 3
FIZ907 - Environmental Radioactivity Turkish 3
FIZ908 - Nuclear Energy and Politics Turkish 3
FIZ910 - Energy Sources and Enviromental Effects Turkish 3
FIZ906 - (Waiting for Translation) Kuantum Dünyasına Yolculuk Turkish 3
FIZ909 - Physical Economy Turkish 3
Department of Mathematics Language ECTS
MTK901 - Mathematical Thinking Turkish 3
MTK902 - Finite Mathematics Turkish 3
MTK903 - Probability Turkish 3
MTK904 - Graphs Turkish 3
Department of Turkish Language and Literature Language ECTS
TDE901 - writing techniques Turkish 3
TDE902 - LANGUAGE of POETRY Turkish 3
TDE903 - Language and Media Turkish 3
TDE904 - Effective Presentation Turkish 3
Department of Archaeology Language ECTS
ARK901 - Anatolian Archaeology I Turkish 3
ARK902 - Anatolian Archaeology II Turkish 3
ARK903 - Mythology I Turkish 3
ARK904 - Mythology II Turkish 3
Department of History Language ECTS
TAR901 - History of Civilization I Turkish 2
TAR902 - History of Civilization II Turkish 2
TAR903 - Cinema and History I Turkish 2
TAR904 - Cinema and History II Turkish 2
TAR905 - History of Turkish Democracy I Turkish 3
TAR906 - History of Turkish Democracy II Turkish 3
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics Language ECTS
MBG901 - Leadership in Natural Science Turkish 3
MBG902 - Physiological Stress in Business Life Turkish 3
MBG903 - Recent Advances in Biotechnology Turkish 3
MBG904 - Cancer Turkish 3
Department of Mining Engineering Language ECTS
MAD901 - Labor Law Turkish 3
MAD903 - Mining History and Culture of Zonguldak Turkish 3
MAD905 - Report Writing Techniques Turkish 3
MAD907 - Presentation Techniques Turkish 3
MAD906 - Masters and Masterpieces of Literature and Art Turkish 3
MAD908 - Great Scientists Turkish 3
Department of Mechanical Engineering Language ECTS
MAK199 - Renewable Energy Sources in Turkey Turkish 6
MAK126 - Computer Aided Design Applications in Mechanical Engineering Turkish
MAK311 - Thermodynamics for Engineers Turkish 3
MAK313 - Factory Organization Turkish
MAK324 - Quality Control Turkish 3
SSP900 - Social Responsibility Project Turkish 3
MAK385 - Entrepreneurship and Leadership Turkish 3
Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering Language ECTS
JDF901 - (Waiting for Translation) Mesleki Y. Dil Turkish 5
JDF902 - The Scientists of the Geodesy History Turkish 5
JDF903 - (Waiting for Translation) İngilizce Okuma Yazma Turkish 5
JDF904 - Satellite Images and Usage Areas Turkish 3
Department of Civil Engineering Language ECTS
INS901 - (Waiting for Translation) İnşaat Mühendisliğinin Gelişimi Turkish 2
INS902 - (Waiting for Translation) İnşaat Mühendisliği Yapıları Turkish 3
INS903 - (Waiting for Translation) Türkiye'de Enerji Kaynakları Turkish
INS904 - Disaster Prevention Turkish 3
Department of Geological Engineering Language ECTS
JEL902 - Gemstones, Minerals and Rocks Turkish 3
JEL901 - Earthquakes and Our Planet Turkish 3
JEL903 - Marble Deposits of Turkey Turkish 3
SSP900 - Social Responsibility Project Turkish
Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Language ECTS
SSP900 - Nondept. Elective Course Turkish
Department of Painting Language ECTS
GSF903 - Art and Culture Turkish 2
Teaching of Physical Education and Sports Language ECTS
SSP900 - Social Responsibility Project Turkish
BES901 - Introduction to Physical Education and Sports Turkish
BES902 - Mountaineering and Natural Activities Turkish
BES903 - Exercise and Nutrition Turkish
BES904 - Physical Activity and Physical Fitness Turkish
BES905 - Recreation Turkish
BES906 - Health Knowledge and First Aid Turkish
BES907 - Sport Philosophy and Olympism Turkish
BES908 - Step-Aerobics and Dance Turkish
BES909 - Scuba Diving Turkish
BES910 - Tennis Turkish
BES911 - Body Building and Fitness Turkish
BES912 - Social Service Practices Turkish
BES913 - Sail Turkish
BES914 - Sports Law Turkish
BES915 - Sign Language Turkish
BES917 - Table Tennis Turkish
BES918 - Badminton Turkish
BES919 - Swimming Turkish
Teaching Of Primary School Religion and Ethics Education Language ECTS
DAO247 - Rhetoric Turkish
Theology Language ECTS
ILA901 - Comparative World Religions Today Turkish
ILA903 - Beginning to Quran Recitation Turkish 3
ILA917 - Introduction to Islam Turkish
ILA919 - Fundamentals of Ethics Turkish
ILA902 - (Waiting for Translation) Hz. Muhammed’i Anlamak Turkish
ILA904 - Recitation of Quran by the Rules Turkish
ILA951 - (Waiting for Translation) Anadolu Türk Kültürü ve İslam Turkish
ILA920 - Islam in the Face of the Contemporary Problems Turkish 3
ILA953 - Understanding and interpreting the Qur'an Turkish 3
ILA922 - Islamic Ethics Turkish
ILA924 - History of Humanity and Islam II Turkish
ILA955 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam'da Evlilik ve Aile Eğitimi I Turkish 3
ILA954 - Quran and our culture Turkish 0
ILA956 - Quran and Social Psychology Turkish
ILA958 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam’da Evlilik ve Aile Eğitimi II Turkish 3
ILA905 - (Waiting for Translation) Ana Hatlarıyla Hadis Turkish
ILA907 - (Waiting for Translation) Hazreti Peygamberin Hadisleri Turkish
ILA909 - (Waiting for Translation) Hazreti Peygamberin Şemaili Turkish
ILA913 - Sociology of Islam Turkish 3
ILA915 - Construction of the Ethical Values Turkish 3
ILA906 - Islam and Contemporary Human Rights Turkish 3
ILA908 - (Waiting for Translation) Güncel Fıkhi Konular Turkish 4
ILA912 - (Waiting for Translation) İlmihal Bilgisi Turkish 4
ILA914 - Islam and Social Studies Turkish 3
ILA916 - Qur'an Arabic Turkish
ILA918 - Universal Values Turkish 3
ILA923 - The current direction of history Turkish
ILA925 - (Waiting for Translation) Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku Turkish 2
ILA927 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam Aile Hukuku Turkish 4
ILA929 - Religion and Religious Education In The Moder World Turkish 2
ILA931 - (Waiting for Translation) Ahlak Hadisleri Turkish
ILA933 - (Waiting for Translation) Sahih-i Buhari Okumaları Turkish
ILA935 - Fine Quran Recitation Turkish 3
ILA937 - Quran and Critical Thinking I Turkish
ILA939 - (Waiting for Translation) Peygamberi Anlamak Turkish 2
ILA941 - Quran History Turkish
ILA943 - (Waiting for Translation) Eleştirel Düşüncenin Temelleri Turkish
ILA926 - Social Problems and Islam Turkish 3
ILA928 - (Waiting for Translation) Fıkhın Genel İlkeleri Turkish 4
ILA930 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam İktisadına Giriş Turkish 2
ILA932 - Religion and Religious Education In The Moder World Turkish 2
ILA934 - (Waiting for Translation) Sahih-i Müslim Okumaları Turkish
ILA936 - Quran and Critical Thinking II Turkish
ILA938 - Koran and Ethics Turkish
ILA940 - (Waiting for Translation) Hadis ve Düşünme Turkish
ILA942 - History of Islamic Science Turkish
ILA944 - (Waiting for Translation) Çağdaş Felsefe Akımları Turkish
ILA946 - The Problems of Philosophy of Religion Turkish
ILA957 - (Waiting for Translation) Güncel Dini Meseleker Turkish
ILA959 - (Waiting for Translation) Mukayeseli Eşya Hukuku Turkish
ILA961 - (Waiting for Translation) Örnek Kur'an Meali Çalışması I Turkish
ILA963 - Quran and Psychology Turkish
ILA965 - (Waiting for Translation) Tefekkür ve İrfan Turkish
ILA969 - History of Islamic Thought Turkish
ILA971 - Paleography Turkish
ILA973 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam Felsefesinin Batı Düşüncesine Etkileri Turkish
ILA960 - (Waiting for Translation) Uygulamalı Din Hizmetleri Turkish
ILA962 - (Waiting for Translation) Örnek Kur'an Meali Çalışması II Turkish
ILA964 - Quran and Society Turkish
ILA966 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam Tarihinin Dinamikleri Turkish
ILA968 - Islamic Thought Schools Turkish
ILA970 - (Waiting for Translation) Osmanlı Türkçesi Turkish
ILA972 - (Waiting for Translation) İslam Düşüncesiyle Batı Düşüncesinin Mukayesesi Turkish
İLA975 - (Waiting for Translation) Avrupa Eğitim Tarihi Turkish
İLA977 - (Waiting for Translation) Hadis ve Çevre Turkish

Campus: Ereğli
Educational Sciences Language ECTS
PDR324 - Adult Education Turkish 4
PDR904 - Individual Differences Turkish
PDR901 - Adult Education Turkish
Department of Maritime Business and Management Language ECTS
DIY903 - Modelling I Turkish 3
DIY905 - Investment and Financial Analysis in Maritime Companies Turkish 3
DIY902 - Maritime Law for Administrators Turkish 3
DIY904 - Modelling II Turkish 3
DIY901 - Business Administration Turkish 3
DIY906 - Business Start Up and Developement Turkish 3
DIY907 - Project Management in Business Turkish 3
DIY908 - Game Theory Applications in Foreign Trade Turkish 3
DIY909 - Entrepreneurship Turkish 3

Campus: Çaycuma
Department of Food Engineering Language ECTS
GDM901 - Ethics in Food Engineering Turkish 3
GDM902 - Recent Topics in Food Engineering Turkish 3
GDM903 - Desing in Food Engineering Turkish 3

Campus: Sağlık Kampüsü
Department of Physics Language ECTS
FIZ903 - Basic Techniques of Computer Turkish 3
FIZ904 - Advanced Techniques of Computer Turkish 3
Department of Medicine Language ECTS
TSEC01 - History of Science, Medicine and Technology Turkish 3
TSEC02 - Past and Present of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Turkish
TSEC04 - Olfactory Tract Disorders Turkish 3
TSEC05 - Metabolic Diseases in Children Turkish
TSEC06 - Reproductive Health Turkish 3
TSEC07 - Practical Bacteriology Turkish 3
TSEC07 - Practical Bacteriology Turkish
TSEC09 - Medicine and the brain Turkish 3
TSEC10 - Orthotics and Device Usage Turkish 3
TSEC16 - Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Turkish 3
TSEC17 - Peripheral Arterial Disease Turkish 3
TSEC41 - Special Methods in Medical Pathology Laboratory Turkish 3
TSEC42 - Pain Turkish 3
TSEC45 - Operating Principles of the Devices in Nucleer Medicine Turkish 0
TSEC46 - Hanta Virus Turkish 0
TSEC48 - Optical Refraction Turkish
TSEC50 - Technology Application in General Surgery Turkish 3
TSEC52 - Biophysics Research Methods in Biophysics Turkish 3
TSEC54 - Introduction to Medical Biology Turkish 3
TSEC55 - Radiotherapy in Oncology Turkish 3
TSEC58 - Surface Anatomy Turkish 8
TSEC59 - Nutrition-Urological Cancers Turkish
TSEC60 - Experimental Physiology Turkish
TSEC62 - Neurosurgery in Lifestyle Turkish 3
TSEC63 - Rational Drug Use Turkish 3
TSEC64 - What Is Thoracic Surgery? What does it do? Turkish
TSEC66 - Basic Radiology Technique Turkish
TSEC67 - (Waiting for Translation) Adli Tıp Açısından Ölüm Turkish 3
TSEC68 - Human Biochemistry Turkish 3
TSEC70 - Research Methods in Health Sciences Turkish 3
TSEC72 - (Occupational disease and Lung Turkish
Department of Nursing Language ECTS
HEL - Health and Media Turkish 3
HEL - Stres management Turkish 3
HEL - Healthy Life and Sexuality Turkish 3
HEM901 - Health and Media Turkish 3
HEM902 - Stress Management Turkish
HEM903 - Healthy Life and Sexuality Turkish 2
Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Language ECTS
SSP900 - Social Responsibility Project Turkish 3
FTR901 - Holistic Approaches Turkish 3
FTR902 - Ergonomics Turkish 3
FTR903 - Lifelong Learning Turkish 3
FTR904 - Disabled & Public Turkish 3
Department of Dentistry Language ECTS
DIS902 - Oral and Dental Health I Turkish 3
DIS904 - Oral and Dental Health II Turkish 3
Pharmacy Language ECTS
ECZ901 - Phytopharmaceuticals Turkish
ECZ903 - Natural Plant Products in Pharmacy Turkish 3
ECZ905 - Sterilization Techniques in Drug Production Turkish 3
ECZ907 - Doping and Drug Analysis Turkish
ECZ902 - Technology of Biosensor Turkish 2
ECZ906 - Nutraceuticals Turkish
ECZ908 - Oxidative Stress in the Body Turkish
ECZ909 - (Waiting for Translation) İlaç Kullanım Hataları Turkish
ECZ911 - (Waiting for Translation) Farmakogenetik ve Bireysel Terapi Turkish
ECZ913 - (Waiting for Translation) Eczacılıkta Doğal Bitki Ürünleri Turkish

Campus: İncirharmanı
Department of Performing Arts Language ECTS
SHN901 - Piano Turkish 3
SHN902 - Role and Mimic Turkish 3
SHN903 - Singing Technics Turkish 3
SHN904 - Literature of Opera Turkish 3
Department of Music Language ECTS
MUZ901 - Violin Turkish
MUZ906 - Introduction to Classical Music Turkish 3
MUZ907 - Popular Musics Turkish 3
MUZ908 - Music Theory Turkish 3
Department of Instrument Making Language ECTS
CYB901 - instrument Care Turkish 2
CYB902 - Ethnic Instruments Turkish 3
CYB903 - Instrument Making Materials Turkish 3
CYB904 - String Instrument Drawing Techniques Turkish 2
Acting Language ECTS
SHN905 - (Waiting for Translation) Yaratıcı Drama Turkish
SHN906 - (Waiting for Translation) Diksiyon ve Konuşma Eğitimi Turkish
SHN907 - (Waiting for Translation) Estetik Turkish 3
SHN908 - (Waiting for Translation) Yaratıcı Yazarlık Turkish 3