The department is undergraduate level students. Candidates with aptitude test method is considered. Hearing, ability tests of candidates, which is necessary for the construction of a musical instrument sensitivity and manual skills, and dispositions are evaluated profession. Applied to six students auditioned for the academic year 2009-2010 and the registration department to have three of these candidates auditions deserved. All four candidates in the academic year 2010-2011 the registration applied for and earned the right candidates.

Production activities in the country because there are few instruments and instrument of our country as it is often preferred methods of supply needs for imports from foreign countries are supplied mostly to meet the need for well-trained graduates luthierlerimizin a portion of raw materials produced locally and the artists of our country to provide services of high quality musical instruments.

Schools in Turkey and the world, making musical instruments department, technical, aesthetic and academic methods uygulamaktadır.Ayrıca different tree species growing in the forests of the Western Black Sea Region experimental studies are carried out on the availability of the construction of the instrument.

There is a systematic foundation of the art of making stringed instrument. System and structural techniques in the construction of stringed instrument at the beginning of the sample to be "Stradivari Cremonese province" Stradivari school of Italian style with a more open expression comes from the discipline and structure. The classic period of the first stage of making string instruments musical education in technical, aesthetic, theoretical analysis of such concepts as applied to schools all over the world and in our country making stringed instrument.

 Bulent Ecevit, the original plans of the University Department of Instrument Making a model of contemporary teaching practices and to provide a level of international institutions and making stringed instrument making in schools programs developed in line with today's technological standards. Technological development and research work in our world away from the department of international relations without strengthened. European standards, with the possibilities of technical materials and hardware requirements of scientific research work and continuous development workshop held in new designs. As a result, our students are the main disciplines of luthierliğin cultural and scientific structure, along with the knowledge and skills, aesthetic perception, interpretation, analysis and creativity yenetekleri-developed.

 Design with aesthetic and theoretical knowledge and creative musical and cultural formations - in the light of modern science, the art of making stringed instrument in Turkey to educate producers to move to the universal. Fill the gap in the field of professional construction and development of the instrument at the country level to ensure the industry's growth in lutiyelik start expanding profession, prevent the loss of large amounts of foreign exchange, the production of international standards in our country stringed instrument orchestras, musicians and music education of high quality musical instruments that meet the needs of educational institutions, to strengthen the musical structure.

Bulent Ecevit University State Conservatory Department of Instrument Making Kozlu resort has been teaching activities on the campus İncirharmanı. The physical infrastructure, including one of the four major workshops and a technical drawing classes. These workshops are very well appointed in terms of musical production technologies. Workshops in order to process the raw material for tree wood processing machines in various sizes are available. In addition, each workshop, students and production of hand tools, workbenches stages of production are used.