Depending on the Rectorate of Zonguldak Karaelmas University upon the letter dated 19.01.2010 and numbered 871,899, according to the 30. By-law of law dated 28.03.1983 and numbered 2809, it has been agreed to be established on 25.10.2010 by the Council of Ministers.
In our college, there are four departments. These are Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Coaching Teaching, Sports Administration and Recreation.
Our school aims to equip individuals being able to monitor and evaluate the effects of physical education and sports on individuals and society to develop the abilities of working together and sharing in terms of management to adapt to the criteria of modernity and the world conditions showing differences and who are also active, creative, innovative, critical free and scientific thinking and respectful for human rights.


The objective of teaching at the Department of Physical Education and Sport (PES) is to bring up PES teachers who are equipped with the related knowledge, skills and attitudes to serve in all areas of teaching PES; comprehend the importance of being a PES teacher and the profession of PES; have consciousness about professional and ethical responsibilities; adopt the importance of life-long learning; have skills to detect, interpret and solve the problems of PES teaching; develop projects to detect and solve the current problems of the society; can conduct research on his/her area and utilize the research findings; can use the information and communication technologies effectively, and can think creatively and critically.