The department of Economics, founded within the scope of Zonguldak Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty embodied in Hacettepe University as hosting university in 1987, and the first student began his education in Beytepe Campus for the period 1987-1988. Since the academic year of 1994-1995, with the establishment of Karaelmas University in 1992, the department has carried on activities at Zonguldak Central İncivez Campus.

Department of Economics is composed of four department as  Economic Policy, Economic Theory, Economic History, and the Department of Economic Development and International Economics.


The department provides dual educationSince 2004-2005 education period, new record students of daytime education program are subject to compulsory education of English as a foreign language preparation Education for 1 year.
In order to obtain bachelor’s degree in Economics program, students must take compulsory and elective courses (a total of 240 ECTS credits).

The department has provided graduate study since 2001. So far, a total of 43
has graduated. Since 2009, a joint doctoral program is implemented in the Department of Economics with Kocaeli University. Currently, six students have been receiving education at Ph.D. program, at which one student has graduated.

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