The Department of Public Finance was founded in 2002 at the faculty of Economics and administirative sciences. The department started its enrollment of students in 2002-2003 academic year and evening degree program in 2003-2004 academic year.

In the rapidly progressing global world, the main mission of the department is to equip students with knowledge and skills which will need in the field of public finance, to train individuals who use modern scientific knowledge and to scientific activities.

In order to provide trained manpower for both public and private sector not only main public finance courses but also economics, law and accountance courses are served in the department. Thus by developing and providing specialized courses and seminars on the basis of identified training needs, it is aimed to train individuals who are well-equipped and who can analyze economic activities with public finance perspective.

Currently the department has a teaching and research staff of 1 professor, 4 asistant professors and 4 research asistants.  The department has 835 students, including 10 foreign students. 447 of them are in the normal education and 388 of them are in the evening education. The program has an optional one-year English preparatory education.

Graduates of the Department of Public Finance have the opportunity to work in both public sector and the private sector. Graduates are employed in the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of National Education as an expert, auditors or inspectors. Graduates of the department may also become district governor or an administrative-law judge. In the private sector, especially in banking sector, graduates have lots of job opportunities like accountant, financial advisor, certified public accountant, customs brokers, etc. Graduates can also be a research assistant and lecturer at universities.