Department of Archaeology at Bülent Ecevit University was founded on 05.12.2003. The department includes 4 assistant professors and 2 research assistants and for the first time it accepted students  in 2013-2014 educational years. In our department there are three main research fields named Prehistoric Archaeology, Protohistoric and Near Eastern Archaeology and Classical Archaeology. Career opportunities of the graduates of archaeology departments range from academic careers at universities, ministry of  culture, the state museum and private museums, tourism, national and international companies and institutions.

Anatolian territory Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age), and the brightest from all stages of the development of the history of civilization to have hosted important geographical feature of the earth deserves to be remembered as one of the.  Anatolian this important position, which allows the coexistence of different cultures in the presence of the humanist tradition owes. Western Black Sea region to host with different cultures is a good example of this tradition. One of the objectives of the department; detection of ancient settlement is located in the western Black Sea , investigation , documentation, excavation, conservation and restoration work carried out and equipped specialist can perform these activities is to ensure the training of archaeologists. Other organizations, our goal is; students Palaeolithic , starting from the Roman period until the end of Anatolia and surroundings, cultural regions comparative archeology and culture regions in antiquity and living civilizations have created all kinds cultural asset evaluation, interpretation and meaning to teach. Thus , having experienced the historical heritage of the land , to protect, promote and conduct scientific studies on the subject of contemporary which is aimed to train generations .