Welcome to Bülent Ecevit University, Department of History. Our department is a young and dynamic department which was founded in 2004.

Our initial object as Department of History is to awaken the sense of curiosity in our students, to introduce them to critical and creative thinking and to encourage the students to maintain these skills even after their school life.

The course schedule of the department is developed to serve the students to gain the ability of broadening and deepening their fields of interest, associating history discipline to other disciplines and making research independently.

The contents of the courses are decided with regard to the aim to introduce the students to different historical theories so as to be able to prevent them sticking to a particular interpretation, and activate their analysis ability while improving their intellectual capacity. Hence, alongside the courses related to the theories of history, our department also gives several courses related to a huge geography stretching from Mediterranean and Western Europe to Middle East and Central Asia, and a broad time period from ancient history to the present day.

Furthermore, courses of Ottoman Turkish are compulsory for all students of the department. Alongside Ottoman Turkish, learning some other languages such as Russian, Arabic and etc. is strongly recommended by the department. Moreover, our students have the choice of taking compulsory and elective courses from different fields such as economics, literature and sociology.

By means of the skills they will gain in our department, our students are expected to be able to perform their profession in any region of the world they prefer. Likewise, they shall be able to gain the ability of coping with complex problems if they prefer to work in other fields.