Departmant of Science Education


In light of Ataturk’s principles, our target is to train science teachers who are aware of the importance of educating the future generations, considering democratic and ethical values and open technological developments with reference to the scientific values and are able to renew themselves in accordance with the requirements of the age, taking responsibility as an environmentalist and citizen of the world, creative, productive and patriotic; since we have the task to make our country one of the most developed countries in the world.


  1. To be one of most preferred Educaional Faculty throughout Turkey,
  2. To train science teachers who are able to perform professional competence in their field
  3. To gather competent teaching staff, in order to be one of the best among the faculties which have the same department
  4. To make ready such an environment for the students to conduct successful projects and to acquire subject matter knowledge with joy,
  5. To increase cooperative efforts by utilizing the interdisciplinary relationships between instructors and students,
  6. To make the graduate courses in harmony at the national and international developments in the literature,
  7. To let the students and lecturers have a fruitful atmosphere for their academic studies,
  8. To try to create peaceful, cooperative, and close social atmosphere among the students and lecturers.