The department was eatablished on education faculties’s repetition restoration profect on 1998. Turkish teachers license program activated on 2001 – 2002 education year with 42 student which depends on Turkish education department, the second education program activated on 2003 – 2004 education year.

Turkish education department contains Turkish teachers license and master program which gives education to primary school. Turkish teachers license program contains four years education. Students must succeed 147 credit inevitable and choosable lessons which definited on education plan on eight half season. On seventh half season, school experience lesson; on the fourth year, eighth halh season school application lesson are applicationaleble lessons. This applications are used primary and midlle degrees schools which depends on National Education Ministry. For this, the school must cooperation Blacksea Ereğli Natinal Education Ministy.

The department has 463 students. On the department, master education program began on 2006 with master program.Master program has 20 students.

Our Vision is;

build a department on the turkish education which wellknown at national and international stage.

Our main values are;

  • Scientific, contemporary and universal
  • Gain to sociaty
  • Depend on to scientific, academic ethical principle
  • Exploring and innovative

Our Mission is;

            In the Turkish education area, educate contemporary, combine, creative, sientific and teachers and academissions who thinks critical and make researches and projects in the national and international level and develop people with findings.

            License Program Education Missions:

            Educate people who has,

  • Talk turkish with rules and impressive use,
  • Enough area knowladge in the Turkish language teaching, pedagogics knowladge and ability, contemporary teaching methods and evaluate methods,
  • Use information and communication techniques with technique pedagogics,
  • Learn enough information about Turkisk education system and its historical growing,
  • Know Atatürk’s principle, believe democracy, know Turkish national, ethical and caltural value,
  • Sientifical and analitic idea, be searcher teacher,
  • Teach Well with people, ecology, helpfull and self-confidence people.