The building construction of the Mining Technical School was begun in Zonguldak with the  ‘The law about opening a new technical school in Zonguldak’ in 1962 with the  number of 165.  While the construction of the building was proceeding, the school was transformed to Government Engineering and Architecture Academy with the law number of 1184. According to the law with the number of 1184, the academy consisted of Mining, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering Departments. This academy again was transformed to Engineering  Faculty which consists of Mining and Mechanical Engineering Departments according to the decree law with the number of 41. Besides, this faculty was connected to the Hacettepe University at the date of 20.07.1982 in the name of Zonguldak Engineering Faculty. With settlind down the Zonguldak Karaelmas University with the law number of 3837 in 1992, Mechanical Engineering Department , that depends on the Engineering Faculty which forms the basis of the university, has reached these days.