Our deparment is located in Hardcoal Basin of Zonguldak, where the country’s coking coal deposits are located exclusively, on the north west of Turkey, on the Black Sea coast. Zonguldak has the history of mining engineering education since 1924. Just after Turkish Republic established, Mine Science Officer School (maden fen memuru mektebi) started education to meet country need for mining engineers. First mining engineers of the new republic graduated from the school called “Zonguldak Maadin Mühendisi Mektebi Ali’si” (Zonguldak Maden Yüksek Mühendisi Yüksekokulu). This school carried its activity at intervals with some changes till 1961 when it moved to Istanbul. Roughly after 20 years, in 1975, Zonguldak Devlet Mühendislik ve Mimarlık Akademisi (ZDMMA) started to be in service and local engineering education started again in mining and mechanical engineering departments. In the year 1982, after the new settlement for higher education system, this association joined Hacettepe University under the name of Zonguldak Engineering Faculty. Finally, in the year 1992, after the establishment of Zonguldak Karaelmas University, department has taken its final shape as the mining engineering department in the engineering faculty.

April 11th, 2012 and with the 6287 numbered law which was announced 28261 numbered official gazette, university name is changed as  “Bülent Ecevit University”.

In our department, national- international valid accreditation is targeted in the period of development. In the scope of this, in 2008-2009 evaluation period, mining engineering department undergradute program which was first time evaluated in general, was given conditional accreditation which was valid starting from 30th September 2009 to 30th Septemper 2011, for the two year period by MUDEK ( Engineering Deans Council )  Engineering Education Programs Accreditation Board ( MAK). In addition, this undergraduate program was given two year valid EUR-ACE between 30th September 2009 and 30th september 2011. As the result of mid-visit in December 2010, accreditation period is extended to 2014 September and EUR-ACE Tag valid till 2014 September is given.

In the mining engineering department many research project have been completed. Result of the most important one of these which had a budget of 620.000 US$ and supported by NATO “Science for Stability Program”, in the year 1994 within the body of the department Zonguldak Industry Support Center ( ZEDEM ) is established. ZEDEM is the first example of continous university industry collaboration in mining industry of our country. Department of mining engineering give variety of services to mining industry ( project, training courses, experiments, analyses ) with the help of ZEDEM.

Mining engineering undergraduate program involves 4 years education after one year of foreign language (English) preparation class. Education curriculum includes 30 %  English. Students must take education curriculum courses and complete 3 of 30 days summer internship. Every year 60-70 students  register to the department and 40- 45 students graduate as mining engineer.

In our department second cycle education started with M. Sc. in 1985 and P. Hd. Program in 1990.

Mine Exploitation, Ore Dressing, and Mine Mechanization and Technology are the divisions within the body of our department. Academic staff by the year 2012 include 7 professors, 4 associated professors, 5 assistant professors, 6 research assistants and 1 specialist totally 23 instructors. Our Department educate instructors with the collaboration of the program called ÖYP.

Education for our students is provided by adequate number of academic staff with sufficient qualifications. Department laboratoires and research facilities are considerably good level. The courses oriented by computers are lectured in computer class except the classrooms.

TTK (Turkish Hardcolal Enterpries) which is located in the city center provides intership for all our Our graduates has job positions such as in governmental associations related to mining, private sector, marble and quarries and also the tunnel and dam building operations.



Take in the consideration of both University’s and Engineering Faculty’s visions, missions and main values, the department’s vision, mission and main values have been discussed  within the departmental committees and they were defined as the following.


Our Vision:

To become a wellknown and preferable mining engineering deparment ata both national and international levels for the mining engineering diccipline.

Main Values:

• Being scientific, modernity and universality

• Mind for the public benefit

• Commitment to scientific and academic ethic

• Participitation and sharing

• Inventiveness and to be a good researcher

Our Mission:

In the mining engineering area; to educate engineers and researchers with the qualifications such as modern, having the engineering ethics, sensitive to environment, accustomed to the team work, creative and equipped with the communication skills,  and to run projects and research either national or international level and to provide the findings for the use of public.

In this sense, department’s Program Education Objectives;

1. In addition to being competent in prospecting of natural resources, evaluation and processing economically, but also being efficient at coal preparation and ore dressing topics.

2. To have the qualifications for operating engineer or colliery engineer in mining industry, to have the authority and responsibility of technical or resident supervisor;  

3. Capable of following the technological developments and innovations, being able to apply and use of information technologies;

4. Knowing the working life legislations and engineering ethic principles and respectfull to these all.

5. Knowledgeable, sensitive and competent about occupational health and safety and environment protection topics;

6. Having the ability of defining, formulizing the problems encountered and solving;

7. Havinc developped communication skills and accustomed to team work;

8. Intellectual about social and cultural topics