Our goal

To train biomedical engineers who have the characteristics of a leader, economic and professional ethics awareness and effective in social relations, creative and systematic approach to problem solving, and, likely to work with the team in an environmentally sound, and who could act with success in design, production, application and R & D activities in the entire research institutions and industry in the field of biomedical, aim to find solutions to problems in the fields of medicine and biology using engineering techniques.

Our Mission

To train biomedical engineers who are able to follow technological developments at international level by providing undergraduate education, can operate effectively in interdisciplinary fields, qualified and have self-confidence.

To contribute to scientific knowledge leading to the production of knowledge and technology through research and to generate solutions to the problems of national industry.

Our Vision

Department of Biomedical Engineering aims to become one of Turkey and world's most respected departments in the field by providing training at the international standards.

​​Under this objective
is to lead universal science and technology, researching, and questioning education and Taking the benefit of society and our core values.