Bülent Ecevit University which is located in the Western Black Sea Region was founded in 1992. After its foundation, necessary initiatives were started to establish the Faculty of Medicine and the Practice and Research Hospital within the body of our university based on the needs of the region and the Faculty of Medicine was established in 03.07.1992 under the law no 3837.
The Faculty of Medicine in the Health Sciences Campus and Bülent Ecevit University Practice and Research Hospital are located on the 8th km of Ereğli highway in Esenköy, Kozlu. The construction work for the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine was started on an area of 1.154.105 m2 in 14.04.1996 and was completed in 2010.

In order to meet the need for faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine, 28 research assistants commenced their specialty training in Gazi University according to the article 33 of the law no 2547 in 1993. In December 1997, the structuring of our faculty was accelerated with the appointment of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and our faculty actively commenced its academic activities in the former rectorate building in the Central Campus. The Practice and Research Hospital with several active departments was also activated in October 2000. With the approval of the Board of Higher Education, student education with 25 students per semester and specialty training in medicine in several departments have been initiated, considering the quality of education in the 2000-2001 academic year.

Academic members having completed their specialty training in October 2000 returned to our Faculty of Medicine and, in the meantime, the construction of two blocks of the hospital including outpatient clinics, laboratories and 210-bed clinics were completed. The bed capacity of our hospital was increased from 70 beds in a closed area of 5000 m2 in 23.10.2000 to a total of 527 beds with 458 normal and 69 intensive care beds in a closed area of 48.000 m2 at the end of 2009.

The optimal route was followed with regard to establishment and structuring and the supply of qualified labour force and equipment was performed in coordination with the improvement of physical conditions. As a result, the required infrastructure for qualified, modern and scientific health care service was almost completed in a short time. In the point where we are, we are proud to be equivalent to many leading Faculties of Medicine.


The mission of Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Medicine is to train physicians who have high level of knowledge, have the ability to establish the accurate diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment, give priority to public health based on preventive medicine, have the ability to establish communication, who is enthusiastic about research, respectful to ethical values and who is qualified and competent; to provide scientific, modern and qualified health care service to the community; to contribute to global knowledge through new research; and to be involved in health policies to be produced to make the community healthier.

The strategic vision of Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Medicine is to provide medical education, research and health care service in the national level and to become one of the leading faculties of medicine in the national and international level.