In 1975, Mining Engineering Department within the body of Zonguldak Devlet Mühendislik ve Mimarlık Akademisi (ZDMMA) was established. In the year 1982, after the new settlement for higher education system, this institution joined Hacettepe University under the name of Zonguldak Engineering Faculty. Finally, in the year 1992, after the establishment of Zonguldak Karaelmas University, department has taken its final shape as the Mining Engineering Department in the Engineering Faculty. April 11th , 2012 and with the 6287 numbered law which was announced 28261 numbered official gazette, university name has been changed as  “Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi”.

The graduate education in the Mining Engineering Division started with Master Program in 1985. Students are accepted to the graduate program to be educated in disciplines of Mine Explotation, Ore Dressing, Mine Mechanization and Technology.

Education in theM. Sc. Program are carried out by 7 professors, 4 associated professors and 6 assistant professors. By the end of education year of 2011-2012, 90 students got the degree of M.Sc. Professional Mining Engineer. Currently, 38 students are still registered to the graduate program.