Founded in 1992 as the official date of EEE Department ZKÜ preferred by successful students in the Faculty of Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering PhD program is continuing education activities. Since Fall 2009, Kocaeli University in collaboration with PhD and doctoral level Since September 2011 alone, depending on ZKÜ Institute of Science and science specialists are trained.

Department of EEE with the aim of solving engineering problems by focusing on basic engineering concepts and design of electrical and electronic circuits and systems analysis is concerned with. In addition to the issue of signal processing and communication systems along with electrical machinery, control systems and electrical systems and their industrial applications with the organization is engaged in matters of education. Thus, students working life in the industry or academic research environment easily be able to work at an advanced level programs are involved.

Our department is still one professor, two associate professors and 3 to 6 faculty members and 9 associate professor Y. Res. Check. With a total of 15 faculty members with educational activities have been active in providing services. Our Chapter members and their articles published research activities in which they participate in the conference reveals with, and every new day, there is an increase in the number of projects supported. 

So far we have graduated one PhD student. Currently ongoing include 6 students in the doctoral program.