Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation contributes not only with applications for patients, but also constituting strategies intended for public health, improving local, national and international health policies, bringing up leader and manager individuals in physiotherapy field, education and researches. Physiotherapists perform particular techniques developed by their own colleagues for curing diseases as well as protecting health.  Therapeutic exercises, neurophysiologic approaches, functional education in self-caring, manual therapy methods that means praxis with hands to joints, muscles and all soft tissues, electrotherapy methods, taping, bandaging, orthotics, physical agents, airway clearance techniques, occupational rehabilitation, ergonomic approaches, prosthetic applications in case of amputation, robotic therapy, hydrotherapy, disease management in chronic physiotherapy and rehabilitation diseases, body awareness training are some applications of physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

There are applications out of hospital as well as hospital-based in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. Industrial Rehabilitation, ergonomic modifications in home and in work office, public-based rehabilitation services, organization of sport and recreational activities for healthy and disabled people, re-construct environmental and architectural handicaps are some examples of out of hospital applications of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.