The main purpose of the undergraduate program in PSPA is principally to raise well-educated individuals who can work in various stages of bureaucracy as committees of inspection, central and local administration units, administrative jurisdiction and also in private sector.  Courses include specialized lectures on how to understand and interpret Turkey’s social, economical, political and administrative structures and problems theoretically and practically as well as various lectures from other science branches such as business administration, economics, and finance. Courses taken from other science branches are elective. Thus, they can be elected if student has interest.

PSPA is a favorable program as enables to train executive candidates for both public and private sectors due to its interdisciplinary content and courses. The intense law courses are intended to provide accumulation of knowledge upskill the students for KPSS. Other courses about administration, politics, urbanization and environmental issues aim to improve the students’ skills in developing sensitivity for administrative, political and social problems and solving problems encountered.