Biomedical Engineers can work in areas , such as, design, manufacturing, marketing and R&D in the health care industry. In the private sector, especially in hospitals and medical device companies and medical device manufacturers biomedical engineers have the opportunity of finding a job that, pharmaceutical industry of employment for a wide range of prosthetic manufacturers there is the possibility so much. Technological point of the world's fastest-growing health care industry is one of the two major areas, specializing in significantly increasing the need for a qualified Biomedical Engineers.

In our country, serving the health care industry manufacturers and suppliers, as well as biomedical engineers in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health with a capacity of 100 beds and more, are required to employ at least one biomedical engineer.

Biomedical engineers, considering the opportunity to work in the health sector, may have high-wage employment opportunities more easily than new graduate engineers other engineering fields.