Graduates with a degree in food engineering work for a variety of organisations including public and industry fields. They work about food production, design, management, services and analysis in food industry. Food Engineer does search about food processing, storage and development of new products from raw materials, educates people for enhancing sort of healthy food. Also they resolve issues that may arise during the production process, ensure process without interruption, control food production from raw material to end product at all stages until it reaches the consumer and make quality control. They can work as a project engineer, process engineer, investment specialists, consultants or quality control specialist at Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Environment and Forestry, Health, Finance, Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, Undersecretariat of Customs, municipalities and in the private sector. A person, who graduated from food engineering programme, is titled "Food Engineer".

Food engineering is basically a branch of producing engineering. If they work in food production and industry field, they control each stage of production process and solve problems that emerge during the manufacture. If they work in quality control department, control quality of the product at all production stages and end product.