Number Key Learning Outcomes
1 Graduate of this course will take responsibility at every stage of the pharmaceutical products from the design until the manufacture.
2 Graduate of this course uses the information and equipment about administration of the medicine to the patient and is responsible from the observation and auditing.
3 Graduate of this course informs patient, health personnel and the public about every subject related to the medicines.
4 Graduate of this course serves as a consultant for rational and safe drug usage and about the mistakes related to the application of medicine dosing.
5 Graduate of this course identifies the therapeutical effects of the active substance of the medicine and solves issues related to farmacokinetic properties and stability of the medicine during the treatment process.
6 Gradute of this course understands the subjects about the identification of the medicine, quality of the medicine, control and standardization of the medicine.
7 Gradute of this course understands how the natural and chemical drug raw materials are obtained as well as the production techniques and the properties of the production sites.
8 Graduate of this course informs relevant persons and institutions about the quality assurance of natural origin drugs.
9 Graduate of this course can take part at every stage of the development and manufacturing of biotechnological and radiopharmaceutical products and identifies the quality assurance and duration of these products.
10 Graduate of this course manages the physical, chemical, biological and toxicological analysis and pharmaceutical controls of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and radiopharmaceutical products.
11 Graduate of this course provides support about pharmacy facilities and its standards within the hospital, pharmacist’s role in quality management within the hospital, technological innovations and the risk management procedures in hospital pharmacies, unit drug distribution systems, preparation of parenteral solutions within the hospital and patient drug safety.
12 Graduate of this course understands the association between drug regulatory obligations, data protection and subjects of patent.
13 Graduate of this course will gain administrative and technical experience in every field of pharmacy profession with legal liability and organizes the pharmacy according to the related rules.
14 Graduate of this course will identify medical, economical and toxic plants and can serve as a consultant about these subjects.