Number Key Learning Outcomes
1 Based on the qualifications at bachelor’s level, improves and deepens his level of knowledge in the same or different fields to the mastery level.
2 Explains the interaction of the disciplines with which the area is related.
3 Has the ability to transfer area-specific knowledge to colleagues and team members.
4 Has the ability to analyze area-specific knowledge analytically and systematically and to comment on and evaluate them.
5 Has the ability to comment on and analyze data, take decisions, perform analyses, determine problems and offer means of solutions making use of the area-specific knowledge acquired in the process of decision making and application.
6 Conducts a study requiring mastery in certain subjects in the field individually.
7 Takes on responsibility adhering to the aims as project manager or participant.
8 Determines vision, aims and objectives for the organization / institution.
9 Critically evaluates the knowledge and skills he has acquired.
10 Transfers his thoughts at the level of the knowledge and skills specific to the area and suggestions to the authorities in written and oral form.
11 Communicates with peers conducting research in the field.
12 Communicates in written and oral from using a language at B2 level of European Language Portfolio.
13 Uses computer software, information and communication technologies at an advanced level sufficient to enter the data of his studies and perform the analyses in the area of study.
14 Behaves respectfully to organization/institution, work and social ethic criteria.
15 Analyses the organization/institution’s relations with stakeholders and manages it efficiently.
16 Provides originality and contribution to studies to be carried out in the field.
17 Has the adequate consciousness about the universality of social rights, social justice, quality and cultural values, protecting the environment, occupational health and safety.