Biomedical Engineering is very fast developing interdisciplinary branch of engineering subsequent attendant the rising living standards in medicine and biology to clinical needs, looking for a solution to the principles of engineering and basic sciences. The main objective in this area, at the intersection of medicine and engineering is development of materials and equipment diagnosis, monitoring and treatment methods  for the many problems waiting to be solved in the health sector. Biomedical Engineering borders a large work area including biomaterials, tissue engineering, bioelectronics, artificial neural networks, biomedical imaging and signal processing, biomechanics, biotechnology and genetics, such as, medicine transport and nanomedicine.

Bulent Ecevit University, Biomedical Engineering Department covers four years training program after one year optional prep class for students.  Students must achieve during the courses specified in teaching plans eight semesters (four years)   and must complete one summer internship for  20-days.